All the reports are available in full text in Norwegian. All the reports have a summary in English.
The reports published in 2009 are:

Specialization and professionalization. An account of the development of the Norwegian civil health administration from 1809 to 2009. Part 1: 1809-1983 – Health Administration in the Past . By Ole Berg
Short summary of report  8/2009

Learning from mistakes and complaints
Svein Zander Bratland and Sverre Lundevall (editors)
Short summary of report  7/2009

“As safe as the bank….” Do health trusts ensure that blood transfusion is safe?
Short summary of report 6/2009

Vulnerable children and adolescents – need for better cooperation. Summary of countrywide supervision in 2008 of municipal health, social and child welfare services for vulnerable children
Short summary of report 5/2009

District psychiatric centres: Countrywide services, but variable quality?
Summary of the first phase of countrywide supervision 2008-2009 with specialized health services provided in district psychiatric centres.
Short summary of report 4/2009

Summary of a two-year study of suicides in the mental health service
Report from the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision 3/2009 Full text in english (pdf)
Short summary of report  3/2009

Torleiv Robberstad: Statistics on Health and care - a tool for area surveillance
Short summary of report 2/2009

Hans Petter Schjønsby: Health Board (Sundhedscollegiet) 1809-1815. The first central administrative body for supervision of
health services in Norway
Short summary of report 1/2009