All the reports are available in full text in Norwegian.

All the reports have a summary in English.

The reports published in 2007 are: 

Services for People with Mental Disorders
Short summary of report  8/2007

Summary of the Reports of the County Governors for 2006 about Cases of Complaint According to the Social Services Act 
Short summary of report 7/2007

Complaints about Financial Support. An Analysis of Complaints Pursuant to the Social Services Act Chapter 5 Dealt with by the Offices of the County Governors from 1995 to 2005
Short summary of report 6/2007

Legal Safeguards for People with Mental Disabilities. Summary of Countrywide Supervision in 2006 of Legal Safeguards Related to Use of Coercion and Restraint for People with Mental Disabilities
Short summary of report 5/2007

Variable Services for Children with Special Needs. Summary of Countrywide Supervision in 2006 of Services for Children with Special Needs
Short summary of report 4/2007

Summary of Countrywide Supervision in 2006 of Multidisciplinary Specialized Services for People with Alcohol and Drug Problems
Short summary of report 3/2007

If you go in alive, you come out alive” – but what happens next? Follow-up after treatment for alcohol poisoning
Short summary of report 2/2007

Annual Report 2005 for MedEvent (Meldesentralen – the Reporting System for Adverse Events in Specialized Health Services)
Short summary of report 1/2007