All the reports are available in full text in Norwegian.

All the reports have a summary in English.

The reports published in 2010 are:

Findings from supervision of administration of medication in nursing homes 2008–2010. Vulnerable patients – inadequate systems
Short summary of Report 7/2010

Geir Godager and Sverre Grepperud: Do doctors have realistic beliefs about the supervision authorities’ use of administrative reactions?
Short summary of Report 6/2010

Annual Report 2008-2009 for MedEvent (Meldesentralen – the Reporting System for Adverse Events in Specialized Health Services)
Short summary of report  5/2010

Risk profile of treatment of cancer in Norway
Short summary of report 4/2010

District psychiatric services – equal services for everyone?
Summary of countrywide supervision in 2008 and 2009 of specialized health services provided in district psychiatric centres
Short summary of report 3/2010

Hopefully it will go alright…. Summary of countrywide supervision in 2010 of municipal health and social services for children in residential accommodation and respite care accommodation.
Short summary of report 2/2010
Long summary of report 2/2010

Dental Services – with special focus on public dental services for people in priority groups.
Short summary of report  1/2010