All the reports are available in full text in Norwegian.

All the reports have a summary in English.

The reports published in 2013 are:

Summary of supervision of establishments that deal with human bone tissue for human application
Summary of  Report 7/2013

‟We became more aware of the relevant issues….” A descriptive study of supervision of municipal health and welfare services for elderly people
Summary of Report 6/2013

Doubt about coercion. Summary of countrywide supervision of compulsory health care for patients in nursing homes in 2011 and 2012
Summary of Report 5/2013

The way referral and investigation of patients with cancer of the colon and rectum are dealt with by the specialized health services. Summary of countrywide supervision 2012
Summary of Report 4/2013

“Not just one health problem………” Summary of countrywide supervision 2011-2012 of specialized health services. Frail elderly people treated for fracture of the hip
Summary of Report 3/2013

Are children and young people forgotten when municipalities assess the needs of families with economic problems? Assessment of the needs of children when their parents or guardians apply for social security benefits. Summary of countrywide supervision 2012
Summary of Report 2/2013

Summary of supervision of organizations with authorization for dealing with human tissues and cells for medically assisted reproduction
Summary of Report 1/2013