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Through its role as supervisory and complaints authority, the county governor receives information on the incidence of coercion and the type of coercion that is practised with regard to children in Norwegian child welfare institutions. This report summarises the incidence of coercion and the complaints considered by the county governor regarding coercion in child welfare institutions.

Children staying at a child welfare institution are entitled to have their personal integrity safeguarded. They must be allowed to make decisions concerning their own personal affairs and they are entitled to freedom of movement. In some situations, the institutions concerned are granted legal authority to practise coercion with respect to their residents, but only if certain conditions are met. Child welfare institutions must practise a preventive approach in order to avoid using coercion.

The Norwegian Board of Health Supervision wishes to monitor trends in the practising of coercion. The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the use of coercion at Norwegian child welfare institutions based on decisions received by the county governor and complaints considered by the county governor regarding the use of coercion.