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The Norwegian Board of Health has revoked Sudbø’s authorization as physician and dentist.

The reason for initiating a supervision case against Sudbø was that matters that were clearly inconsistent with the actual circumstances were discovered in the article of which he was the primary author in the October 2005 issue of the internationally respected journal The Lancet. On 12 January  2006 he admitted that he had fabricated some of the data on which the article was based.

The supervision case was based on the report of the Investigation Commission that was apppointed by Rikshospitalet-Radiumhospitalet Medical Center and the University of Oslo. This report was submitted on 30 June 2006. The Norwegian Board of Health based its findings on the admitted circumstances.

The Norwegian Board of Health generally notes that all medical research can have significance in terms of diagnosing and treating patients. This connection is obvious in cases where research is performed on patient samples. The aim of research will often be to improve diagnosis and treatment. Verifiability and accuracy are absolutely necessary and completely fundamental to all research. To a significant extent, all modern medicine is based on research. The health services and the general public must be able to trust the research results published in internationally renowned journals. According to the assessment of the Norwegian Board of Health, strict requirements must therefore be placed on the conduct of health care personnel in connection with research.

Letter of 21 November 2006 from the Norwegian Board of Health to Jon Sudbø, with the decision to revoke his authorization as physician and dentist

Summary of the Official Norwegian Report NOU 2005:1 Good Research, Better Health

Report from the Investigation Commission appointed by Rikshospitalet – Radiumhospitalet MC and the University of Oslo January 18, 2006